Vision Statement

To propagate God’s Kingdom message, Loving God and Loving people, through relationship and resources.

Mission statement

We are uniquely called to be a connector, to alliance with churches, ministries, and business leaders to further God’s kingdom here on earth by working together to meet the needs of the poor and needy through:

  1. Raising the arms of other churches and ministries (as Aaron and Hur did for Moses in Ex 17:12) in times that they may need extra help physically, emotionally, or spiritually, such as in outreaches or disasters.
  2. Compelling people in the church and business world to see, and desire to meet the needs of the poor and needy.
  3. Seeking and receiving needed resources for ministries reaching out to the poor and needy.
  4. Walking in close relationship with the broken, needy, or desperately seeking God to help them rebuild their broken lives. 1 Thes 2:8 “We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you, not only the gospel, but our lives as well, because you have become so dear to us.”

Everything we do is based upon Micah 6:8 “He has shown you, oh man, what is good, and what the Lord requires of thee, BUT TO DO JUSTLY, TO LOVE MERCY, AND TO WALK HUMBLY WITH OUR GOD!”

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