We are always praying about new ways to fund God’s ministry. An opportunity came up and we jumped in with both feet (or should we say “both hands”)!


Wholey Beans - Fresh roasted coffee from around the world.

We are now very proud to offer fresh roasted coffee from different regions of the world!

Did you know most coffee beans sit on the shelf for months – even at the better coffee shops. Not with “Wholey Beans!” Our beloved Mike is roasting coffee beans weekly.  He is roasting close to 100 pounds a week, and hopes to increase this as orders come in! Fresh is best!

We only offer the best coffee coming from these amazing regions: Kenya, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Tanzania, and Colombia. Learn more about our coffee below the Buy Coffee! button.

Due to the freshness of our coffee and our unique regional offerings, we already have repeat customers that just can’t get enough of our fresh, flavorful coffee!  …and it’s not even our fault!  We blame the coffee!  It is ridiculously delicious!

If you love coffee, or know someone who does, please give us a try and order some today!  Also please consider making us your regular coffee supplier!

All of the proceeds from the sale of the coffee beans (or ground coffee, if you prefer) go right back into the ministry account to help us serve people, communities, and countries around the world.  This is the best part!  Anything you give over and above the value is tax deductible.

How to Place Your Order

DELIVERY: Our coffee costs $10 per lb., plus shipping, which is $5 for the 1st lb. and an additional $1.50 for each lb. above that.   Click the Buy Coffee! button below, and soon you will be enjoying some incredibly tasty coffee!  The cool part is, the more coffee you buy, the better the shipping price!  For $5.00 shipping you get 1 lb.  But for an additional $4.50 in shipping, you could have an additional 3 lbs. of coffee!  Wow!  That’ll keep you up all night!

PICKUP: Your coffee is also available for pickup.  If you prefer this option, then Do Not Order Online. You must email us your order and then click the Donate button (on the right) to pay or bring a check/cash when you pick up your order. You will still need to click Buy Coffee! below to find out what coffees we have in stock.

AVAILABILITY: Due to availability of the beans, we do not always have all regional brands ready to ship. Once you click Buy Coffee! you will see which ones we have available.

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