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“AWAKE! is a powerful journey of the heart. It is evidence of the power of love to shed light in dark places. This book will encourage you to stand in the balance between faith and love so that you can truly live in the Kingdom.”
– Bob Mumford, Lifechangers, Fort Lauderdale, Florida –

“Valid testimony always enhances the value of past experiences, but it also releases the present power of Jesus. In her testimony, Roxy Lynch declares there is more to being born again than an experience. It is a walk, a witness, and a war. And the war is winnable because Jesus has already won it. Roxy has not been afraid to share the ‘tough stuff’ in sharing her testimony of victory in her marriage against seemingly impossible odds. Besides being a simple, hard-hitting account of walking with Jesus amid pain, this book is a report on the faithfulness of God. It is also proof of what happens when one stands in stubborn, relentless faith that God can redeem and restore a marriage as well as prepare and anoint for ministry. It is happening even now in the lives of Roxy and Mike Lynch. This book stands as a challenge to live the Kingdom life. This is a good read for a new Christian, for those who need to begin anew in their God-walk, and for the rest of us who always can stand fresh inspiration.”
– Jack Taylor, President, Dimensions Ministries, Melbourne, Florida –

“Roxy Lynch writes her story as a precursor to a new gracious nature. Further, you will see the impact of love on what the church might define as losers. Only in Roxy’s story, it was not just the stranger that she had to decide to love; it was one very dear to her. She relays what grace and mercy, faith, and love can do to change one heart, a heart that will then impact cities and nations simply because it has experienced receiving love and offered grace. Roxy understands the power of the ‘story.’ It is a very personal journey about the faithfulness of God as she describes real-life issues with no holds barred and then tells how her life was transformed over the years and what God used in her life. You will find yourself, your life, a piece of your journey somewhere in this story; a place where you can be comforted, find hope, or know how one person made their way through a dark place. Maybe you will find yourself in place of needing to give grace; needing to receive grace.”
– David VanCronkhite, Blood N Fire, Atlanta, Georgia –

Forward by James W. Goll


In this hour the Holy Spirit has a strategic word He is releasing. Through the confirmation of many voices He is saying it is time for us to WAKE UP! Roxy Lynch is another one of those voices God is speaking to loud and clear in this hour. It is time for an awakening to occur in the Body of Christ to let our light penetrate this present darkness. This book will help you to choose your way wisely so that you can fully walk in God’s assignment for you.

Let me share with you a dream that confirms the contents of this wonderful book you have in your hands. Recently I was given a message that came in the form of a vivid, yet simple dream. It was a Matrix-type dream – similar in style to the Matrix movie series. In that series of movies the characters had a “red” or “blue” pill to choose between – and it was very important which pill you chose. You wanted to be on the right side of the force after all.

I had actually “awakened” early that particular morning and then I felt from the Holy Spirit that I was to linger in bed for a moment. Suddenly, it seemed, that I fell into a deep sleep and was given the following impacting revelatory encounter. Then I was awakened right at the exact right time – just in time to get ready for my appointment to teach that day. I woke up just in time! Now for the dream itself!

In this dream, two closed-fisted hands turned downward came before me. I knew that within each fist there was some type of important message. I knew it was important that I chose correctly. I pondered what I should do. A voice came to me and said, “Make your choice.” I looked at both hands being offered and I heard myself say, “I choose right. I choose the right hand!”

The right hand then turned over in the dream and the fingers opened up. Contained within the palm of the hand was a white capsule. I watched as the white pill filled with heaven’s ingredients and realms of glistening glory was placed in my right hand. Instinctively, I began to bring the white pill to my mouth. As I did so, I saw that there was a word written upon the pill. The word was “AWAKE.”

As I put the Awake pill in my mouth in the dream, suddenly I woke up in the natural. The room was filled with the presence of the fear of the Lord. I intuitively knew that it was very important in the days that lie ahead that we make wise life choices centered around the fear of the Lord.

Let me summarize this dream for you:

  • It is important that we choose right!
  • It is important that we choose righteousness.
  • It is important that we choose to find our pleasures at the right hand of God almighty – in His son Jesus Christ.
  • It is important that we choose heavenly nutrients to feed our entire beings in these days.
  • We must feed ourselves the Word of purity.
  • We must see our present trials as tools of preparation for the days that lie ahead and choose the right course of action!
  • We must shake ourselves out of our slumber.
  • We must AWAKE!

By choosing wisely we will be ready just in time for our next assignment in God!

Like Roxy, I want to the body of Christ awakened and see Jesus receive the rewards of His suffering. I trust that this little dream has been meaningful for you. It has been helpful to me. I am really leaning on Jesus to wake me up where I have fallen asleep. How about you? It is time to be wide AWAKE!

Choosing Righteousness!

James W. Goll
Founder of Encounters Network
Author of The Seer, The Coming Prophetic Revolution,
Praying for Israel’s Destiny, Dream Language and many others

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